In Use at University Diagnostic Medical Center

"Stroke is the leading cause of morbidity and the third leading cause of death. Ultrasound is the first line diagnostic test used to determine carotid disease. Yet there are conditions when ultrasound is inhibited by pathology and artifacts which impact results. Sensitivity and specificity of ultrasound results are statistically improved when used in conjunction with Visualize:Vascular. In a study conducted at our facility, Visualize:Vascular correlated well with MRA (>99%).

Visualize is a secondary diagnostic procedure that we use on every case which shows medical necessity. First we perform the Doppler exam. If the patient presents with any of the following during the Doppler exam, then we recommend that Visualize be performed”

Elevated velocities or Higher grade Stenosis
Visible plaque
Surgical Follow-up

- Daniel Gurell, MD, Associate Medical Director
- Marc Prager, MD, Medical Director


Authors of “Comparison of 3D Luminal Ultrasound Visualization (3D LUV) to Carotid Duplex Exam (CDE) and Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) for Evaluation of Carotid Stenosis”

Visualize:Vascular is referred to as “3D LUV” in the study.