In Use at Montefiore Medical Center

"Visualize has had a huge impact on our practice as vascular surgeons and we use it every day."

"Presently there are four tests that are used to look for obstructions in carotid arteries. [The first three tests, CTA, MRA, conventional angiography] all have inherent problems. They are invasive. They are expensive and they are associated with some toxicity because they require the administration of contrast agents. The [fourth method] is the gold standard, the carotid duplex study, which is a combination of ultrasound and Doppler to give hemodynamic information. This also has some inherent problems with ultrasound alone; we are not able to precisely determine the exact amount of obstruction in the artery. What Visualize:Vascular has enabled us to do is to look at that artery in 3 dimensions using computer aided technology. We can then determine the reduction there is in the lumen and if there is a significant reduction, of course, the patient would benefit from having that artery operated on to remove the blockage in the artery which would reduce the incidence of stroke in these patients."

- Francis J. Porreca, MD, FACS, RVPI, Director of Vascular Surgery at the Weiler Division of Montefiore Medical Center (MMC).

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