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3D Ultrasound What Physicians really want to see Focused 3D Rendering the Salient Image
3D Ultrasound Physicians really want to see the internal pathology Focused 3D Rendering the Salient Image

On the left, 3D ultrasound imaging shows the region of concern as an object in a block of image data which can be colorized, and the image can be rotated to view from multiple angles.

In vascular imaging, the crucial information is inside the artery as shown in the artist rendering in the center. Physicians make their diagnoses by quantifying the pathway through which the blood flows which is the true lumen.

Salient’s Technology uses patented algorithms to generate focused 3D luminal rendering of the area of concern. It then automatically finds the maximal and minimal diameters to calculate luminal reduction providing the most significant finding upon which doctors base their diagnoses…The Salient Image.

Salient is the leader in computer aided tools assisting physicians in better understanding, characterizing and quantifying abnormal conditions using ultrasound imaging. Salient Imaging, Inc. is a privately held company, founded in 2013. Its principle offices are located in Milford, New Hampshire.